This library is envisioned as an educational material that introduces players to current thoughts, approaches, news, innovations and issues related to AI. It gathers various theoretical, critical, artistic and media recourses suitable for various types of knowledge groups. Taking a form of interconnected hyperlinks, this repository of ideas acts as a rhizomatic web writing, constantly growing, expanding, wowing and entwining strings of thoughts and observations into an epistemically dense context fabric.


Writing through hyperlinks and connecting the story through inter-text, spiraling through and through, gliding up and down the sprouting rhizome – the library is more of a short curiosity trip than occasional literature reading.  


By pausing and clicking, scrolling, gazing, focusing and individual meaning making, the text is just making its very beginning, graphing contours of what is yet to be envisioned or maybe even unimagined. Never the same, always transmogrified, our wondering library niches offer an unframed story-line with seemingly straying information streaming into various reflexive pathways regarding AI development, design and future social impact. 

We found that it is impossible to peak through the lenses of the far outcomes of technological development. It was difficult, well, even impossible to take only one stance towards the issue of impact AI is making in our lives. So we wanted to seed something collective and diverse in its very inceptive impulse and let it further grow as such – branching out into many sides to the story and possible outcomes considering technology and power relations proliferating behind it. 



The AI-VI game was created by a team of experts from different fields gathered around common problems related to artificial intelligence - AI. We have observed how the shaping of humans and artificial intelligence coexistence takes place and transforms through communication, interaction and intensified relation of the two. What are the myths about AI and how to break them? Can AI be a creator? How do we see the future with AI? Will it ever be able to know us?


 The creative group consists of:

 Aleksandar Bulajić - Assistant Professor at the Chair of Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.


 Ana Popović - theater director, theatrologist and pedagogic


 Isidora Pejović Blagojević - PhD student at the Chair of New Media, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade


 Maja Maksimović - Assistant Professor at the Chair of Pedagogy and Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade


 Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić - Assistant at the Chair of New Media Art, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad


 Technical support:


 Filip Žarković - programming

 Ivan Avdić - graphic design

 Miloš Petrik - dramaturgy of dialogue


PICNIC SESSIONS - Collective conversations and recipes on the topic of artificial intelligence

By building a project within participatory practices that combines art, science and technology, the project seeks to involve the general public.

Picnic sessions were intended as a place for discussion, sharing debating around the topics about AI that the player could explore through the game. They are conceived as a place of non-hierarchical conversation with the creators of the game, invited experts from the corresponding fields about the issues that the game opens. Through its research activities, the project includes all those interested in the process of thinking about the impacts of today's technologies on us, art, cooperation,

MAPPING- What future holds

The research offers a diverse collection of sources in the context of selected directions (academic essays, artwork, alternative tools, films, books, etc.). It explains connections between the presented areas, created profiles and speculative outcomes, in more detail. A collective mapping was a playful source gathering on wishes and sustainability of AI development in the future.  Exhibition participants where invited to contribute to a collective mapping of public conceptualization of future living with AI systems.

This web of collective thoughts is a work in process, always changing and evolving.


 © 2020 by AIVI Team

 If you what to discus AI with us write us at                                                                                                           

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